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Actionstep Acquires Legal Software Company LawMaster. To read the press release


One place for the truth

Every Matter Management tool you could ever need is integrated into our technology. Our workflow process automation can capture and save everything related to a matter – as it happens. Powerful searchability, report generation and task facilitation will lift your team to a heightened level of performance.

Matter Management Cost Recording Workflow/Task Management Matter Party Management File Management Critical Date Management


One tool for the truth

LawMaster brings comprehensive and up-to-date information about your firm’s performance, achievements and activity together – all in one place. With this level of visibility and functionality, each staff member will have the business intelligence they need to make your business better.

Client Relationship Marketing Intelligence # Human Resource Management Author Performance Management


One source of the truth

First-class functionality and powerful searchability gives your firm the confidence of security, control and absolute accuracy. This central storage system reduces search time and manual data input and eliminates the need for hard copy documents. The same central DMS holds documents that are related to Matters, Clients, Suppliers, Deeds, Employees, New Client Enquiries and Purchase Orders.

Document Control (Versions) Electronic Mailroom # Enhanced Accessibility Document & Precedent Template Automation


One search for the truth

With LawMaster, you can search the entirety of your firm’s knowledge base – quickly and easily. This management centre allows you to filter, group and pivot your search results around numerous points with ease. It will streamline searching within both matter and non-matter records, putting all the information you need at your fingertips.

Knowledge Management Comprehensive Library Management Track Precedent Use


One version of the truth

LawMaster’s sophisticated technology performs all your accounting and reporting needs and is integrated with all other areas of the system. The efficiencies gained from a truly integrated system are won through simplicity and can be spent improving your bottom line.

Costing & Billing Management Reporting Payroll Financial Accounting Trust Accounting

Clients who’ve upgraded to LawMaster

These are just some of the firms that have upgraded to the premier law practice technology.

McKays Solicitors
Anderssen Lawyers

LawMaster has a legal software solution for law firms of all sizes.

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