If your law firm has from 16 to more than 100 staff, our LawMaster legal case management software solution is designed to suit your needs. If you’re an in-house legal department or Enterprise Law firm, you may be more aligned to our Corporate, Government & Enterprise solution.

Your LawMaster solution

LawMaster’s five fully integrated Management Centres perform seamlessly, providing unequalled process integration within a single solution. Specifically designed to enhance the performance of your law firm, LawMaster enables every member of your team to reach new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Whether you have a single office or multiple branches in different locations, our completely scalable system can adjust to suit your firms’ size and future growth. Complete with every practice management tool built in, this is the technology that eliminates the need for multiple software packages and legacy systems.


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LawMaster is proven to increase the performance and productivity of law firms by at least 30%*

* Results confirmed by independent legal analyisis