As more firms look towards a paperless or paper-lite future, it presents a timely opportunity to reassess day-to-day administration practices, such as dictation, that can often involve double handling. Reviewing such practices to ascertain the turnaround time from the initial dictation to when the document or email leaves the office can highlight inefficiencies and reduce costs.

A faster, more efficient way

Dictating can be a much more efficient process than sitting at the computer and typing. If lawyers are equipped with the right tools to be able to dictate their communication, they will be able to deliver their ideas faster, streamlining communication and administration procedures, and ultimately driving the efficiency of the firm.

LawMaster operates seamlessly with dictation software progams, such as Dragon Dictate and others, so that it enables exactly this. Lawyers can press one button on their keyboard and speak, and the file note or letter is instantly transcribed and captured in LawMaster. This means that lawyers no longer have to wait for secretarial support and can get results faster and more accurately, using less paper.

LawMaster’s integration capabilities help law firms achieve either a paperless or paperlite status, reduce operating costs and generate more billable work.

Your team of lawyers will be able to dictate file notes and letters faster and more accurately – all from within LawMaster. They will become more productive, more responsive and more engaged.

For more information on compatibility with leading dictation software, contact your Account Manager.