We covered Favourites in an earlier edition of Insight, but we’ve got even more features to share.

You can create Favourites for website URLs. This is a very handy shortcut to open websites you access on a daily basis. We especially recommend creating Favourites for the LawMaster Tips & Tricks page and the LawMaster Client Portal Training Video URL. It gives new users fast access to the LawMaster online help, and this should be incorporated into a user’s setup during the induction process.

Here’s how easy it is to do:

1. From the Favourites tab > right click to Add


2. Select Website and then enter the URL
3. Use the Description field to enter the name of the Website
4. Leave the Auto-run ticked if you would like this website to open every time you launch LawMaster.

Cash flow Reporting:

We’ve made forecasting cash flow a very easy process in LawMaster.

From the Matter Menu > Review Matter Details


Two fields require data entry every time a new matter is created:

1. Estimated Billing Date: This field, when combined with the billing terms, displays an estimated date of when your cash flow is expected

2. Estimated Bill Amount: This field helps forecast the estimated revenues to be received

Completing these two fields, in conjunction with the other fields that typically comprise a Cash Flow report or UDQ, gives you a very quick and easy way to gain a forecast snapshot of your cash flow.

With the introduction of the new LawMaster Dashboards, ensuring the data quality of these fields will be imperative to running accurate Financial reports.