In our last newsletter at the end of 2016, we announced  we would be launching our new Client Portal to the market early this year.  We are excited to say that the initial development is complete and the feedback we have received so far has been extremely positive.  As part of our commitment to constantly upgrade our solutions, we have decided to enhance this feature even further.

These extra enhancements include an easier way to administer the Portal from LawMaster to make adoption by your firm even simpler. In addition, we will also enhance the way you can create and administer Client Portal user accounts from within the application.

The Client Portal allows you to engage with your clients securely online – from their mobile, tablet or desktop.

Your clients can instantly:

  • Access real-time matter summary and status information
  • View Matter folios and file notes
  • View Matter Task progress representing a Matter Checklist
  • Upload file notes and documents directly to their own Matters.  Photograph a document or record from their mobile device and upload to their Matter

The Portal is embedded within your Workflow to automatically update and present Matter Progress online, and it seamlessly integrates into your website with your own branding, colours and logos. The LawMaster-controlled data display securely defines the information to be shared.

Other benefits include:

  • Responsive design optimised for Mobile Devices
  • Easy and fast client adoption and use
  • Reduction in your overhead management of client communications, with phone calls and emails greatly decreased
  • Experts and referrers can access the Portal to upload documents or share information on matters to which they are connected

The above list only touches on some of the advantages the Client Portal will provide. It truly is a powerfully intelligent tool.

* Conditions apply. Please see your Account Manager.