We are extremely pleased and excited to announce the launch of our new website!

Designed by Conduit Creative, our website guides visitors along an upgrade journey and provides a tangible insight into the LawMaster client experience.

The website design enables law firms and legal departments of any size to find their optimal LawMaster solution. The site showcases many of the additional options, integrations and features that are available within our practice management technology.

David Toohey, CEO and Founder of LawMaster, summarised the purpose of the new website.

“Our objective was to enable site visitors to experience our client upgrade journey, as they find their preferred LawMaster solution. Even before a visitor makes contact with us, we want them to step into our world of intelligent technology and experience LawMaster’s blue ribbon level of service.”

Chris Porter, Director Legal Solutions, explained the importance of the White Papers, Case Studies and Blogs within the website.

“These pages feature unique stories, industry news and technology facts that are completely focused on the law industry. This provides our clients with highly relevant content that will be continually updated. We would especially like to thank Anderssen Lawyers, Terra Firma Law, McKays Brisbane, Attwood Marshall and the South Australian Crown Solicitors office for the use of their case studies on the new site.”

Visitors to the site can share articles and pages of interest with others across Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google +.

Visit the new LawMaster website.

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