Anderson Lloyd is a leading New Zealand law firm with offices in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown, and more than 150 partners and staff. The firm recently celebrated their one-year anniversary since the Go Live of LawMaster.

We asked Alana Murray, General Manager Finance and Client Services, to share her insights about how the upgrade to LawMaster has impacted their firm.

How do you reflect on the first 12 months of LawMaster?
It has been a very busy, challenging and rewarding 12 months. With LawMaster, the firm now has a great foundational system to support our growth in the future.

What has been the most significant impact of LawMaster on the operation of Anderson Lloyd?
It certainly enables better integration and the centralisation of some tasks. Importantly, we have set the foundation for the future, especially once we embark on workflows and other technology integration.

How has your team reacted to the implementation of LawMaster?
With any system roll out, and especially when combined with the significant changes in the regulatory landscape we’ve seen this year, staff can sometimes find change difficult. Now that we are on the other side of the change process, the vast majority of our team are enthusiastic about the possibilities LawMaster is providing. All the LawMaster staff have been wonderful to work with and very supportive of Anderson Lloyd during the change process.

What LawMaster features have most improved Anderson Lloyd’s processes?
Workflows and LawMaster system processes have enabled us to standardise and streamline many file opening and file management tasks. Producing our Letter of Engagement and managing our identity checking and verification requirements is now more efficient. We can also now accurately record and add data on entities and matters, reducing the burden on the finance team

Is there anything you would change about the LawMaster implementation?
It’s important to have strong project management and, depending on the size of the business, independent assistance is probably advisable. It’s also important that all partners are engaged on the implementation. That’s not always easy but I believe it’s a key part of the change management process.

What is Anderson Lloyd looking forward to with LawMaster over the next 12 months?
The two key LawMaster features we’re looking forward to implementing are bespoke workflow solutions and the New Client Enquiry. We see these as integral to driving efficiency and value.