As you’re no doubt aware, our much-anticipated Sweden Release is now available. Sweden contains many intelligent enhancements, as well as tools to help your firm advance its compliance requirement to meet recent regulation changes. Just some of Sweden’s upgraded features include:

1. Single Touch Payroll (STP)
STP changes the way your firm reports to the ATO. LawMaster’s payroll module in the Sweden Release is STP-compliant and our streamlined reporting features will make your end-of-year processes easier and faster. Our User Guide has more information to help your firm transition to STP.

2. Enhanced Client & Entity Management Controls
There’s an increasing requirement for firms to ‘know your customer’. Our new Entity Variables tool will help firms support processes such as client onboarding, client due diligence, verification of identity, anti-money laundering and business development. This feature gives you more control and compliance when you’re capturing and managing data, such as Driver’s licence or Passport details.

3. Streamlined Email Management Cycle
Sweden’s email management cycle is faster, easier and more effective. Users can now process an email at the point of saving it as a folio, eliminating the need to make time-consuming subsequent updates.

Register for our Sweden Webinars

We’re planning a series of helpful Webinars that showcase Sweden’s main features. These will be running throughout December and January and will be made available through the Knowledge Base, thereafter. To register your interest, contact your Account Manager.

How to upgrade to Sweden

To find out how to upgrade your existing LawMaster environment to Sweden, read our step-by-step instructions for system administrators. Before you upgrade, you may need to make additional updates to your software. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss your options.

Want to know more about Sweden?

We’ve only included a few of the Sweden Release’s enhancements in this edition. You can read about the full features and benefits here.

If you have any questions, or need implementation advice that’s specific to your firm, we’re here to help. Contact LawMaster.