The Sweden Release is just around the corner, and we’re happy to share a sneak peek to its much-anticipated new features.

Entity Data Management

There have been increasing requirements from Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing, VOI and Marketing Data amongst others, relating to the storage of ‘custom’ information (e.g. passport or driver’s licence information) at the entity level. To help you meet these requirements, we have introduced Entity Variables as a way to track this information. The Entity Search screen will now include a new Variables tab that will allow you to View, Add, Modify and Delete Entity Variable data. Entity variables are also available to merge into templates, emails and pdf documents.

Upgraded Email Management

The Sweden Release includes a significant upgrade to the management of emails to LawMaster. This upgrade includes features that save time and drive efficiency. When you drag a new email into LawMaster, a number of new options are available to streamline your email management processes.

You now have the option to:
1. Extract any email attachments to save as separate folios
2. Amend email attachment Folio Precis, Info Type and Override the File Name
3. Record your time
4. Create a bring-up

Look out for our Release Announcement and Release Notes for more details and exciting inclusions from our Sweden release.