We have listened to your feedback from the 2017 meetings and put it to a vote. The survey results about the format of User Group Meetings are in, and the majority of respondents have indicated a preference for a two-day National User Group conference to be held in southeast Queensland in 2018.

Some interstate firms indicated that it is difficult for their staff to travel or commit to two days away from their offices to attend a conference, preferring to stay with the one-day, state-based user group meeting format.

We would like all LawMaster clients to benefit from the User Group Meetings, no matter where they are located. As such, we will trial this new format in 2018, and we will look at ways to capture session details and materials so they can be shared across the LawMaster clientele. In 2019, we will revert to the one-day state-based format to ensure all firms have adequate access to and involvement in these valuable sessions.

We’ll send out ‘Save the Date’ emails in February 2018, but you might like to plan for a possible May conference date.