If you’re a sole practitioner, or a firm of up to 15 staff, our LawMaster Small Law Firms solution is designed to suit your needs. If your firm has more than 15 staff, you may be more aligned to our Medium – Large Law Firms solution.

Your LawMaster solution

Sole practitioners, small or breakaway law firms traditionally start out relying on manual processes to manage their firm. This poses operational and performance challenges in both the short and long term. Manual handling can cause inefficiencies across the board, and critical data can be easily missed. Most importantly, it can negatively impact profitability and hinder the firm’s future growth.

LawMaster is a completely scalable solution that brings everything a small firm needs together, in one master location. Intelligent automation streamlines task-heavy processes, saving you and your team valuable time. Hosted in the cloud, LawMaster gives your firm flexible and remote access from any device. It comes with every tool you need to drive profitability, performance and growth.

To allow you to focus on the practice of law, we also offer LawMaster’s Accounting Services. Our experienced financial team can manage all your day-to-day accounting and reporting tasks, from payroll to financial reports, bank reconciliations and processing of all payments and receipts. Take advantage of this service to maximise your productivity, and let us handle the numbers.


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LawMaster is proven to increase the performance and productivity of law firms by at least 30%*

* Results confirmed by independent legal analyisis