We’ve used the second last month of the year to grow our moustaches and walk or run a total of 180km to raise funds for men’s mental health.

Move for Movember is a relatively new addition to this cause and it allows everyone to participate in fundraising, whether they are able to grow a ‘mo’, or not. The goal is to move 60km across the month, symbolising the 60 men we lose to suicide every hour across the world.

LawMaster was keen to participate in Movember to show our concern with the mental health of our staff, clients and loved ones. It’s hard to tell whether mental health issues are becoming more prevalent, or if we’re just getting better at noticing them. Many Australian men find it difficult to talk about their feelings or to let others know when they’re struggling. We wanted to do our bit to try and help overcome this stigma.

So how did we go? Well, for starters, our mo’s looked great! Some were dense and enviable, while others were a little on the light side and difficult to make out, but our men wore them proudly. And our Movers reached the target of 180 km over the four weeks.

Most importantly, our team raised $2,107.00 for the Movember foundation and we are extremely grateful to everyone who generously donated to the cause.

A big congratulations to our Movember heroes, David Toohey, Chris Porter, Salomon Chalela, David Cowburn, Michelle Morrison and Nic Given who sacrificed their time or their upper lips over the month.