Job Scheduler is a little known but powerful tool within LawMaster. It lets you create multiple custom alerts in the same place as New Bring-ups, Referrals, Draft Bills, Inwards Correspondence, Purchase Orders etc.

Here’s just one example:

lawmaster job scheduler

The above tells the user that they have reached 6 billable hours of work for the day. It also shows the number of time entries made today. If the user clicks on the alert, the Toolbar > Time window opens showing today’s time entries. The alert will disappear tomorrow.

Here’s how it works:
Go to Main Menu > System Maintenance > Other > Job Scheduler and create the below.

lawmaster job scheduler

To make it easy for you to copy and paste, we’ve included the text below:

Daily work complete
This alert will display a smiley face when the user has recorded 6 billable hours for the current day
6 billable hours done today

select IsNull(count(*),0) from
(select sum(mc_units) mc_units from Cost_History
where cast(mc_date as date)= cast(getdate() as date) and mc_ppl =’<>‘
group by mc_ppl having sum(mc_units)>60)x

This is just one simple example of how powerful this tool can be in helping you manage your practice’s critical tasks and data compliance. If you’d like more information about using Job Scheduler to upgrade your performance, please get in touch with LawMaster today.